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With so many dog trainers in the area Christina McCauley of Bone-I-Fide Friends Forever needed something that would set her apart. While she was trying to figure it out she realized that she needed to take a risk and create a new look for her company. She contacted Joe who she knew from church to have a good name and reputation, set up an appointment and the process began.


We were able through a discovery process to determine that her targeted demographic were individuals who were looking for a dog training company that fit a certain profile. Bone-I-fide friends forever are champion trainers who balance a close personal connection with their furry clients with the world of high-class breeding and showmanship. They defined themselves as Pack Oriented, Trustworthy, and Swanky. Colors, patterns, fonts and a logo were put together to form a 2d brand that fits with the image they wanted to portray. After her brand was established, Christina continued to utilize our services to print out promotional materials, develop a website and even stage a trade-show display.


With a Brand Guide to lead the companies promotional material, They don’t have to go back to the drawing board every time they want to set up a trade-show display or new postcard. This has saved her company a lot of time and money in the long run because the heavy lifting of determining her identity and trying to find a way to be visually consistent has already been done.

As a result of her distinctive branding and consistent usage of those branded elements BFF was able to attract significant attention and be accepted into the Washingtonian Magazine’s “Best Of The Best” for 2012-2015

When everything that goes out from a company looks professional, fits the company’s personality, and speaks in a language that the target demographic relates to, you have a solid foundation that reflects in that company’s bottom line.




“Three years ago we did a show and met a lot of dog lovers who took our branded materials and service lists home with them… recently this lady walked in and said “I met you a few years ago at that show and now I’m ready to do it”… She was so impressed that she kept our marketing materials that long. So it’s working.”

Christina McCauly, Owner BFF Pet Services