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A Fluid Point of View

a collection of abstract artwork by Gina Durgin

Opening Show Friday, March 23rd 6:00-9:00pm

Admission is free and open to the public.
Light refreshments will be served

Gina Durgin is a local artist from San Diego, California.

She moved to Calvert County twelve years ago after retiring as a Forensic Evidence Specialist. Her job-related photography background led her to pursue other aspects of photography after retiring. Gina has been artistically inclined since she was a child and mentored by a renowned San Diego artist who discovered her talent early on. She has dabbled in many forms of art throughout the decades and has taken art courses by professional artists over the years. Still, she considers herself mostly self-taught.

Gina’s artwork and photography has been chosen for local exhibits including the Waldorf West Library, the Community Bank of Chesapeake and the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home. She has received numerous awards at county fairs and currently two of her artwork pieces on exhibit have been selected by the Charles County Arts Alliance to use on the cover of their invitations and program brochures.

This abstract form of art, called Fluid Acrylic Pouring, is comprised of chemistry, technique, composition, and color values. She says, that with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. Adding resin to these pieces creates even more dimension and makes the colors pop! Gina has been obsessed with this form of art for about a year now and plans to continue creating different versions using this technique.

Previous Shows...

Generation Why

selected works of Leah McKinley

Leah McKinley is an Artist, Art Instructor and Tattooist from Charles County.

McKinley is interested in capturing the transition and overlap of youth to adulthood in her paintings. She is intrigued by the weird, the wacky, the dirty, the damaged and the unrefined. Using a myriad of mediums including oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, beeswax and found materials she seeks to replicate the beauty she often finds juxtaposed with the aforementioned attributes through portraits of different characters she has encountered.

She attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 2008-2012 with a minor in painting and a major in sculpture. She has a husband with whom she eloped at a pizza shop on a whim one cloudy Monday afternoon. She has a toddler, two cats and a rosemary bush she has managed to keep alive for 2 years.

Opening Show Friday, July 21st 6:00-9:00pm

Admission is free and open to the public.
Light refreshments will be served

Excogitation II

Various collected thoughts of
Lorina Harris

Opening Show Friday, May 19th 6:30-7:30pm
VISUAL ART PARTY to follow 7:30-9:30pm

Admission is free and open to the public. Feel free to hang around for the Visual
Art Party, the cost will be $45 if you would like to participate.

Originally from Queens New York, Lorina Harris has had the pleasure of being raised seeing great art in the museums and galleries, of NYC. She was impassioned as a child with the desire to create art in her world, which she did, by copying pictures in magazines, drawing from life, and utilizing the art tools supplied by her parents until she was taking place in, and winning local art contests. All of this helped inspire her to pursue art as a profession.

Lorina started and completed her baseline year at the University Of Hartford Art School, but feeling too young, took a 10 year stent to gain some life experience. This eventually led her to Europe where she ended up studying and graduating from the Amsterdam School of the Arts with a degree in fine arts, teaching art, and art history at the highest level in the Netherlands.

Being in close proximity to the museums, galleries, and architecture of Europe has afforded her a close look into a multitude of inspirational styles, from the western masters, to native cultures from around the world, to cutting edge art of all kinds. Naturally this has influenced her to express her take on this life in a very unique way using a plethora of materials, of which favorite media momentarily, are paints and charcoal. The artist has had the honor of participating in numerous solo, and group exhibitions, both in Europe and in the United States.

Returning to the States in 2005, Lorina now owns and operates a small art studio in Bryans Road, MD where she works, holds Visual Art Parties, teaches art classes and private lessons.

Lorina is open to creating custom art for your venue, or helping with any art consulting needs. Please feel free to contact her for such collaborations.

PHONE: 240-258-7758
FACEBOOK: /TheArtSmartstudio


Selected works of Addison Likins


Opening Show Saturday, January 14th 7-9pm
Closing Show Saturday, March 18th 7-9pm

I am always amazed by how many, if not most people, appear oblivious to or distracted from the full extent of the beautiful and astounding aspects of the universe right before their eyes.  My passion is creating or capturing and sharing these missed opportunities through my art… and reliving the thrill of that captivating moment each time I view or read my work.

Addison Newton Likins, a Charles County, Maryland resident since 1990 and a Maryland resident since 1979, is a graduate of James Madison University who has been a professional and amateur photographer for almost 50 years. During the past two years he has explored Southern and Eastern Maryland and presented his visual results in a number of venues.

He has had two center photo spreads published in the Mensa Bulletin during 2015, and a photograph published in the Department of Natural Resources’ winter 2016 Magazine and in their 2016 Calendar as a second place winner in their 2015 photo contest, and has a photograph in the 2017 Chesapeake Community Bank Calendar. He is currently showing at the Lowe House of Delegates and the Circle Gallery in Annapolis, The Anne Marie Sculpture Garden and Art Center in Dowell, Maryland where he received the Juror Award in the current show, The Chesapeake Community Banks in Waldorf and La Plata, The Waldorf Library and the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.

During the past year, he has had multiple pieces in the above venues, pieces in the Lynchburg Virginia Art Academy and the Commissioner’s Gallery in La Plata, Maryland, and multiple shows at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center in Marbury, Maryland and the Underground Gallery in Arlington, Virginia.
He has had almost 300 photographs receive top ratings, on the international 500px photography site in the past two years, and has just passed 33 million views of his photographs on Google Plus since June of 2015. He also had an “editor’s pick” on the “Your Shot” National Geographic site in 2015.
He is a member of the Charles County Arts Alliance, the Maryland Federation of Artists, and the Mattawoman Creek Art Center.



In an effort to increase the visibility of local artists in the Tri-County area of Southern Maryland, four local artists have joined forces with Quality Printers and SMC3 to bring forth the second annual Holi-Pop Gallery. This years artists are: Theresa Alo, Sardar Aziz, Suzanne Cassidy, Carmelo Ciancio, Cecelia Dunay, Eric Giles, Lorina Harris, Josh Hettel, Selene La Marca, Addison Likins, Laura Lisak, Rebecca Mace, Leah McKinley, Kathy Noel, Shon Simpson, Paul Toscano, Shannon Wang, and Joseph Wimberly.

The work will be on display right here at Quality Printers until the end of the year. Feel free to stop by during business hours(MON-FRI 9-5) to check it out. Our main public receptions will be on the 25th and 26th of November and the 10th of December. On those dates some of the artists will be available to answer questions and talk about their work. Light refreshments will be served and admission is free, but we will be accepting donations of canned goods and unwrapped toys in their original packaging to help needy families in the area.

Black Friday Chillout
NOV 25th (11am - 7pm)

If you are out driving around snagging deals on Black Friday, we wish you happy hunting. Feel free to stop by for a much deserved break. No pressure, no ads screaming in your face, just good people and real conversation.

Small Business Saturday
NOV 26th (12pm-8pm)

We eat sleep and buy stuff in your community. Buying from local artists not only validates our work and keeps us from starving it also strengthens the local economy. Remember, supporting local businesses extends to your local artists as well.

DEC 10th (10am - 9pm)

OK, so we might have gone overboard with the name (I think someone is having too much fun...) If you have not yet found the perfect gift for that impossible-to-shop-for person on your list, swing on by for our small works and print sales extravaganza where you will find something for everyone at very reasonable prices.





SHADOW AND LIGHT - Work by Eric Giles and Laura Lisak


This body of work explores the interconnectedness of the seemingly divergent work of husband and wife Eric Giles and Laura Lisak. Laura’s work is rooted in the capturing of light (photography) which she interprets through her fiber arts practice. Giles’ work, on the other hand, centers on his drawing practice, applying shadows (ink) to create form. In this show they bring together their work to show they are sides of the same coin, shadow to light and light to shadow, whose mediums may differ, but whose sensibilities are analogous.

Tickets will be available at the show for a following cyanotype workshop held by Laura on September 10th




As a growing photographer and graphic designer, Shon Simpson enjoys experimenting with new techniques to enhance his craft. His camera is a part of him and he never leaves the house without it. He enjoys street photography and landscapes, but if anything catches his eye, He feels compelled to shoot it. Shon also enjoys people-watching. He imagines scenarios about people, what they're doing, where they’re going, etc.

For his show at Quality Printers Shon is displaying a set of images that display light trails in La Plata and in Washington DC. Also, representing his love for graphic design, he is presenting a set of low-poly animal portraits that highlight some of his graphic techniques and abilities.



Too often art is seen as a one way street; an artist creating and displaying work for a viewer to passively digest. But, that is not how it has to be. The creative process is an experience during which an artist is continually ingesting, reacting and adapting to both their original inspiration and the work itself as it develops over time. My intent is to bring that experience to the viewer as well.

Objects like jewelry and felted bags, while sometimes seen as craftwork, are in actuality art that participates in your everyday existence. They are tactile, serve a personal purpose and effect the user’s experience of themselves.

The other pieces featured here are adaptive pieces that allow the viewer to actively participate in the creation of a unique encounter based on my experiences hiking and wandering the world around me. They are meant to be arranged and rearranged by all who come into contact with them to create a shared involvement in their creation.

So, come, walk with me and share this experience.

Laura A. Lisak has been an artist since she was a child and has shown in over 30 shows, including both galleries and museums. She graduated from both the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and the Maryland Institute, College of Art and recently received her Master's degree in clinical counseling  from Johns Hopkins University.


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