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A Most Unusual Print Shop...

How many print shops do you know of where you can talk to someone who truly cares about your business and it's goals?

Quality Printers is a community driven print and design shop geared towards helping small businesses achieve their marketing and advertising goals. We are more interested in providing you with a solution, than selling you something you don't need. If what we provide for you helps you meet your goals, our hope is that you will return to us in the future and tell others about who we are.

So come in and walk around. Get a cup of coffee and talk with one of our designers, or just come in to check out our gallery space. We don't want you to feel confined to our “lobby” and we actually encourage our visitors to explore the space.

You might find us a bit strange for being so friendly, but here at Quality Printers we find that it's just good business.





A Quick History

It all started in 1982, with limited resources, some old-time equipment and a lot of determination. Joe Namyst ran the operation out of his garage and with the help of his quickly growing family, for 20 years.

In 2003 they would move the operation to a 6000 sq. ft warehouse on Pika Drive in Waldorf. For the next six years they would continue to expand the operation and services to include an emphasis on design, branding and web development.

Despite the obstacles they faced to continued growth in the print industry, they would re-brand, reorganize and move into their current location on 10485 Theodore Green Blvd. in White Plains MD.

Joe Namyst

Joe Namyst is the owner and founder of Quality Printers. Joe’s interest and career in printing began in High School nearly 40 years ago and continues to this day. His innovative thinking has enabled Quality Printers to make the transition from an offset printing company to the company you see here today. He enjoys helping people succeed in their businesses, spending time with his family and being involved in his church and the community. He enjoys time with the family and singing off key.

Joanne Namyst

Angelica Namyst

Angie is one of our Graphic Designers at QP. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from Towson University in 2014. Angie is also our resident bilingual, she speaks fluent English & Spanish. In addition to her love of design, Angie also enjoys photography, coffee, and traveling. She occasionally taunts her fiancé with pictures of delicious Mexican food her mother makes.

Joshua Namyst

Joshua Namyst has been working at Quality Printers since before he could say Quality Printers. After spending years learning various tasks found around the shop, he found his love in the wide format/signs area of QP. When he is not printing or putting together signs you can usually find him with either a book or a guitar in his hands. He also doesn't like writing about himself.

Jessica Jowett

Jessie Jowett is a Graphic Designer at QP. She graduated Marymount University with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. Jessie's skilled in graphic design, illustration, and videography. She is very experienced with design concepts for printing, branding, and web. Her goal is to tackle every project with positive energy and originality. Jessie is also a big animal lover and enjoys nature. She loves to paint in her spare time while listening to Fleetwood Mac. You can see her running around the shop with a Starbucks in hand.

Joseph Wimberly

Joseph Wimberly leads our website and blueprint departments. He has always been facinated with how things work and enjoys taking problems apart in order to understand the possible solutions. He directs the Visual Arts side of local artists collective [Open Space Project], is a member of the gallery committee for Charles County Arts Alliance, organizes the art gallery for Southern MD Creative Cultural Center, and occasionally makes cigar box guitars. We think there is a face under all of that hair, but we can't be too sure.

Oliver Namyst


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